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Innocent Sex

Programming, Sexual Healing and the effects of Mis-Information

Our Mission

statement is very simple, clear
and sincere.

Our deepest desire is that the intimate love lives of all people with whom we interact, including ourselves, be enriched and uplifted by association.

The Art & Science

of Innocent Sex


Many of us learned about love-making and sex from the movie industry, magazines, chatting with our peers and even pornography. We do not condemn any of this. We believe that a different way can bring more love, joy, peace and deep intimacy into all love lives.

Sexual Healing

Like most people, both of us have very different sexual histories and had to heal in different ways. We knew there had to be a better way of making love, and we were determined to find it. We sought, and we found! We were shown a way of making love, which is sensational! It is also blissful and deeply satisfying.

Love Making
Renewal Stays

When you have decided to rekindle your sex life and take it to a new and wondrous level, we are here to guarantee that experience.

Renewal stays have a profound positive effect on every area of your life by introducing you to the Innocent Sex principles to deepen your relationship with your significant other. Like any new learning, we ask that you remember that it grows and grows.


See how some of our seminar and workshop attendees
have responded to their training.

The subject of sex is much too overlooked in the spiritual genre. I’ve known Annie and John for many years and, given the subject matter of their book, I know that there’s an audience waiting for this ‘spiritual but not religious’ approach. Sharing their personal lives fearlessly helps to make Innocent Sex – A Path from Guilt to Freedom a must read.

Gary R. Renard

Best-selling author of The Disappearance of the Universe trilogy and The Lifetimes
When Jesus and Buddha Knew Each Other