About Us

John & Annie Campbell are a brilliant husband and wife team and writing and teaching partners.

They bring a unique combination of skills to their teaching. Annie contributes with a deep understanding of neuroscience and male/female similarities, and John brings his extensive knowledge of the psychology of relationships.

Dr Annie Campbell, PhD

Dr Anne (Annie) Campbell enjoyed a fulfilling profession as an independent documentary maker. Having worked for many years for the BBC as a Producer/Director, including on BBC’s flagship current affairs program Panorama, she later became the Bureau Chief for Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Subsequently, she and her former husband, Bill Moir, formed their independent film company, Quality Time TV. Sadly, after 27 years of a very happy marriage, Bill developed cancer to which he succumbed in 1998, leaving Annie widowed at the young age of 50 years.

She was devastated by this loss and hid much of her grief by throwing herself into her work. She first came upon ‘A Course in Miracles’ (ACIM) after reading Eckhart Tolle’s book, ‘The Power of Now’, and began practising all the Course’s lessons. Annie suddenly found herself coming out of the deep depression which had engulfed her following the death of her husband.

Four years later, Annie found love again and planned to re-marry. Tragedy struck again when she returned home one evening to find her husband-to-be lying dead on their kitchen floor.

Once again, Annie buried herself in her work, completing a documentary series entitled ‘Death’ funded by Channel 4. The series won a BAFTA after it aired in 2002.

Following this second loss, Annie began deepening her study and practice of the principles of ACIM, and in 2013, she met her present husband, John Campbell, who was also a committed student and teacher of the Course.

Together, they are co-founders of the “Innocent Sex” program that helps couples and singles learn another way of experiencing the sexual union. This ‘other way’ deepens and dramatically enriches the lives of everyone who practices it.

Annie is the author of three international bestselling books under her previous name, Anne Moir. She is the author of the best-selling books ‘Brain Sex’ (1989), ‘A Mind to Crime’ (1995) and ‘Why Men Don’t Iron’ (1998).

John Campbell

John has been an international traveller since his birth in India and his early formative years in South Africa and Kenya. His family moved to England when John was seven years old. He was not enthralled with school and life in England in general. Hence, at age seventeen, he joined the Merchant Navy as a Navigating Officer cadet.

After working his way up through the ranks, John gained his first command when he was made a captain at age 26. In 1976, John was promoted to Managing Director of his company’s operations in Nigeria. At that time, his life began spiralling out of control, and after years of struggling and several bouts of depression that had plagued him since childhood, John finally, in the late 1990s, admitted himself to a rehabilitation centre to address his mental health issues. In this centre, he first experienced a profound spiritual awakening.

In 2001, with his marriage breaking down, he came upon ‘A Course in Miracles’ for the first time. Initially, John could not understand this new teaching but kept reading it anyway. After reading a book entitled ‘The Disappearance of The Universe’ by Gary Renard, John finally grasped the teachings of ACIM. He became a dedicated student, practising the lessons and reading the text daily.

John’s life gradually began changing, and he began experiencing real joy, which was not dependent on anything happening in his outer world.

He experienced a ‘sexual awakening’ at 67, which completely transformed his life. His synchronistic meeting with Annie in 2013 was a major turning point in his life.

When he met Annie, he introduced her to this different way of making love, and Annie was completely spellbound. They decided to attend a ‘Making Love for Couples’ workshop held by Diana & Michael Richardson in Switzerland and decided to share these practices with other couples and singles who were open to finding another way of extending love in the physical form.

John knows that these teachings positively affect couples who experience them, influencing all aspects of their lives, from the bedroom to the workplace and beyond.

John is an international and inspirational speaker who captivates audiences with wisdom and humour. His speciality subjects are relationships, parenting, the Law of Attraction and A Course in Miracles. He delivers thought-provoking talks and seminars to groups worldwide.

John is the author of ‘Miracle Relationships – A Path to Freedom and Joy’ published by John Hunt Publishing and available for pre-order at www.Amazon.co.uk

Annie and John now host couples and individuals in a tranquil retreat centre near the Sierra Cabrera Mountains, in Andalucia, Spain. These ‘Renewal Stays’ offer an opportunity for those who are seeking a change in direction or recovering from a loss of any kind to relax and experience ‘another way’ of transforming all their relationships and finding harmony and inner peace.