Annie & John offer online 2 on 2, 2 on 1 or 1 on 1 Zoom Coaching Sessions to introduce participants to the practice and principles of Innocent Sex in their intimate relationships.

They can also offer Zoom and in-person talks to groups, corporate bodies or educational establishments to introduce participants to a way of experiencing the joys of Innocent Sex. These talks aim to help create harmony in every area of individuals’ lives.

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Love Making
Renewal Stays

When you have decided to rekindle your sex life and take it to a new and wondrous level, we are here to guarantee that experience.

Renewal stays have a profound positive effect on every area of your life by introducing you to the Innocent Sex principles to deepen your relationship with your significant other. Like any new learning, we ask that you remember that it grows and grows.

These residential ‘Renewal Stays’ are held in a beautiful mountain villa nestled in the idyllic village of El Pinar in ALMERIA Province in Spain. These stays are purposely and sensitively created to meet the needs and desires of the participants.