“Doing the ‘Innocent Sex’ retreat with John and Annie was one of the most important things we’ve ever done for our growth as a couple. From the moment we arrived we found ourselves in what can only be described as a deeply sacred and safe space. Both John and Annie have an incredible ability to put you completely at ease even when discussing and sharing the most personal and vulnerable parts of your life.
With their support, we were able to share things with each other and experience pleasures with each other that we would never have thought possible beforehand. The guidance we received over the week completely transformed our way of love-making and having the space to learn and explore a new way to make love was deeply nourishing for our relationship.
We started the retreat with our individual anxieties and concerns about the performance and “results” of our sex life together and left completely freed from all of that. Learning this new slow and soulful way of making love has deeply enriched both our physical and emotional connection as a couple. Once we left the retreat, we never had sex the old, fast and disconnected way again and continue to enjoy the benefits of what we learned on our retreat.
More than just the transformation of our sex life, over the course of the week, we grew as a couple in all ways and as individuals, both personally and spiritually. I truly believe that every couple should gift themselves the space to do this important and highly enjoyable work with John and Annie, who are two of the most wonderful teachers we’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.”